About Us

Jacqueline Cradle., M.Ed.


Jacqueline Cradle., M.Ed. (Center Director, CO-Founder) has a Master's in Education with an emphasis in Educational Leadership from Regis University. She is an Adult Trainer for the Colorado Office of Early Childhood, which qualifies her to teach other practitioners the quality standards in Expanding Quality in Infant and Toddler Care (EQIT). Jacqueline, who has credentials in the following: ITERS, ECERS, EQIT and Classroom assessment scoring system (CLASS), is currently contracting through the council to teach courses at our location to mitigate the ongoing waitlist, train new teachers and decrease the deficit in teachers within this field. Through Executive order from the Colorado Presidential Candidate former Governor John W. Hikenlooper, Jacqueline Cradle serves on the Board of Directors for the Advisory Committee on Licensing of Child Care Facilities. 

She is also a professor at the Community College of Aurora, teaching our next generation of early education teachers.

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Nathaniel Cradle., M.B.A.


Nathaniel Cradle., M.B.A. (CO-Founder) had the foresight to engineer an idea that supports the needs of children.  Taking on the responsibility of the Director of Strategic Management and Business Development, Nathaniel set out to build partnerships to redesign an environment to enhance the social and emotional awareness of children before entering elementary school.  Nathaniel works close with foundations and committees concerned with educational inequalities and equal opportunity.  To further his agenda, Nathaniel is on the Early Childhood Sector Partnership Committee, which is supported by the Denver Office of Economic Development. Nathaniel is also on the Denver Preschool Program (DPP) Quality Improvement Committee, which focuses on child development. teacher-child interactions and ongoing professional development for teachers. Nathaniel serves on the Board of Directors for the (COAEYC)-

 Colorado Association for the Education of Young Children board member.

Here, Nathaniel dedicates himself to families in need of early ed. opportunities, building a stronger early ed. workforce and supports smart tax incentives to help families and drive equality across the board.

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